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Pop Up Canopies


  • 10' x 10'
  • Easy to install
  • Provides shade and light rain protection
  • Royal blue tops
  • Also available in limited quantities of White, Red and Black tops
  • Sidewall available
  • Concrete and rubber weights available (strongly recommended)
  • Can be picked up in a car with folding rear seats or a larger vehicle

 This canopy is NOT to be left unattended as it is considered a temporary shelter! If there is inclement weather, you should take your canopy down immediately. Any rain and winds over 10-15 MPH will damage your canopy. Water that collects on the canopy top will also destroy the structure of your canopy.

We advise you to never leave your canopy up overnight or unattended under inclement weather conditions. We will not be held responsible for ANY weather damages. It is to the customer’s best judgment in determining the best weather conditions for your canopy.


Watch a video on how to install this canopy.