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Slush Syrup


  • We have 2 sizes of syrup available:
  • Premium (50 servings of 5oz) &
  • Mr Freeze (24 servings of 5oz)
  • Flavours:
  • Premium Strawberry
  • Premium Green Margarita
  • Premium Pina Colada
  • Mr Freeze Cherry
  • Mr Freeze Blue Raspberry
  • Mr Freeze Orange
  • Mr Freeze Grape
  • Mr Freeze Cream Soda

These slush syrups are specifically designed to work with the slush machine.  Follow the directions and you will have perfect slush everytime.  

If you plan to use the slush to make adult beverages, please remember to add the alcohol to the glass when serving the slush.  Do not pour alcohol into the slush machine.