Thank-you for your rentals! The Key To Your Outdoor Event? Tents
Why Tents Are The Key To Your Success

Why Tents Are The Key To Your Success

Having a tent set-up is an important part of outdoor events. Whether used to protect your guests' from the harmful rays of the sun or as a backup plan in case of rain, a tent is a must-have for outdoor parties and other special occasions.

Purchasing tents can be expensive especially if you're only using it occasionally. Tents can also be difficult to store and set-up which is why a convenient way to arrange this is through tent rentals in Toronto.

Before considering the use of tent rentals in Toronto, consider the following items:


Number of Guests

Most tent rental companies are already experts in determining the size of the tent for a certain number of people, but it still is good to have your own idea of it. Generally, the number of people that a tent can accommodate will depend on the type of table used and the table arrangement. For instance, round tables will need 100 square feet of tent space for every eight guests whereas long tables will only require 80 square feet of tent space for every eight guests.


Floor Plan

Ensure that you have sufficient space for the tables, the buffet area and other important party necessities like lights and sounds. Your guests' should have enough space to move around and feel comfortable.


Activities inside the tent

Planning the entertainment beforehand and creating an initial draft for the entertainment locations is helpful when determining the size of the tent to rent out. If you are planning to put up a stage, additional space must be added to accommodate the structure. If you want to include dancing in the program, then it is great to have an extra floor space for the dance floor. Make sure that your tent rentals in Toronto can accommodate the activities and seat your guests' comfortably.


Companies that Offer Tent Rentals in Toronto

Get the services of a reliable company like us at D&D Party Rentals to help you determine the best tents for weddings, birthday parties, festivals and other special occasions. Call 1-888-727-8933 to learn more!

Thank-you for your rentals!
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