Use a Tent Rental to Make Your Event Intimate

Use a Tent Rental to Make Your Event Intimate

When you are planning for your wedding in Toronto, there are a lot of decisions that you have control over except for one thing – how the weather will turn out on that day of your wedding. The unpredictable weather is essential in making tent rental in Toronto the utmost importance. If the weather forecast says that there is a probability of rain on your wedding day, then it is best to have a backup plan especially in an outdoor venue. But fear not! There are ways to rent a tent without breaking the bank. Here are some things you need to know if you are searching for tent rental in Toronto.

While deciding for a venue for your wedding day, know that you will include a budget for the tent if the place you wanted has no option for indoor setting. Check for the weather on your wedding day and any possibility of rain is a reason to get a tent. It is important that before you fall head over heels you’re your venue, that you have a budget for the tent which can be expensive depending on different factors.

If you just started planning then you don’t have the final number of guests yet and you haven’t decided on what party style you will adapt which many options including punch and pie, cocktail, buffet, sit down, among others. A rough estimate of the cost will be very helpful in your budget at the early stage. When choosing for tent size, go for the one that is closest to a square as possible because the ceiling will be higher, it looks better and every guests will feel like they belong in the party.

Though there are many options for tent styles, the most widely used are pole tents and frame tents. There are three major factors one should consider when deciding for the tent style they like which includes the space, the overall look and the wedding budget. If you are looking for a tent that will give a beautiful look on your wedding day, pole tents are ideal because of its swooping roof. It is also cheaper compared to frame tents and much easier and faster to install. Because it has no frame, liners are not a must. The disadvantages includes a center pole that can be a cause for obstruction, staking is required and space is needed for the clearance the tent needs during staking and anchoring. Frame tents, on the other hand, can be installed on any surface such as rooftops, asphalt, grass and more. A number of tents can be attached together to create different set ups and it has no center poles. It is more expensive and liners are needed to cover the frame that is obvious inside the tent.

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