Yeah it's crazy and these guys have everything ^I didn't know chair styles were a thing. So much I need to think about for my wedding! 10 Chair Wedding Styles - Chair Rentals Toronto
Top 10 Chair Wedding Styles

Renting out chairs for your ceremony or reception is a big task that should be flawlessly executed at all levels. It requires careful selection of the best chairs for the day while paying particular attention to details at each level. The choice of the chairs should also complement the setting adopted for the wedding, and your choice of the best chair design should be effectively guided by your contracted chair rentals Toronto company. Below are ten most common chair designs for your big day.


The Chiavari design

Being the most common design, it comes in different styles, designs and colors. The most commo of them are mahogany, gold, and translucent or white. The Chiavari design is best suited for use in ballrooms and banquet halls as well as casual settings such as tents and gardens.


Ghost chair design

When looking for an ultra-modern and glamorous look for your big day, look out for acrylic ghost chairs. The transparent or translucent alternatives offer a regal shaped form that blends well with most backgrounds.


Brentwood chair designs

It is a café styled chair crafted for use in a diversity of environments. However, Brentwood chairs are best suited for use in outdoor events such as garden weddings, vineyard joints and other open space arenas such as tented closures. Ask your chair rentals Toronto specialist for the best combination of tents and chairs in this class.


French slotted design

The French slotted chair design complements your event by integrating a level of casualty while presenting a universal view of the events. Though elegant for indoor events, they are best when used for outdoors.


Bamboo folding chair

Crafted form naturally matured bamboo, the rattan bamboo chair design allows for a perfect blend with a diversity of outdoor environments, but is best when used for beach weddings


Versailles design

This French –inspired chair design offers a classic presentation for weddings, as they best match with various outdoor environments. Color choice from the possible black, brown and gold options should also be integrated with wedding details for better results.


Cross-back chair design

The elegant farmhouse chair design allows for the integration of the various environments through the X-shaped racks. As a result, it incorporates an exceptionally classy view of the scene while giving it a rustic view. As an option for yielding the best results, we as specialists in chair rentals in Toronto advise to choose among these types of chairs based on the place where your wedding is happening.


Yeah it's crazy and these guys have everything ^
Posted by: Jess | April 17, 2017, 5:43 pm
I didn't know chair styles were a thing. So much I need to think about for my wedding!
Posted by: Amara | April 17, 2017, 5:43 pm
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