All awesome points Things to Consider for Tent Rentals in Toronto Weather
Things to Consider for Tent Rentals in Toronto Weather

Things to Consider for Tent Rentals in Toronto Weather

Tent rentals are one of the most in demand business for Toronto occasions because it is one of the staple necessities for housing various parties and events outdoors. If you are a local in Toronto and thinking of tent rentals for your next party, there are some things you should consider before finalizing the renting process with the party rental company.

There are many party companies that are offering tent rentals in Toronto but you should know that there are different types for you to choose from. The final choice you will make will be based on various considerations such as the number of people attending the party and will be housed inside the tent as well as the budget allotted for renting a tent. Before going to a party rental company, arm yourself with the basic knowledge of the different types of tents.

-        Pole tents. These are typically the most popular tent rentals in Toronto. A pole tent has a pole at the center that helps support the entire structure as well as the entire perimeter that surrounds it. Depending on the stock and availability there are many options when it comes to colors as well as the size of the pole tent. Pole tents are highly recommended to be used and installed in venues where there is flat flooring covered with either grass or gravel. If you wanted to have a pole tent installed on a blacktop then it can be arranged with the rental company, though there might be additional charges.

-        Canopy tent. The canopy style is considered to be the lightest among the different tenting options. It serves as good as any tent styles with an added advantage as it can be constructed in various ways. This is a good option especially as a cover for party guests, food stations as well as prize areas where shade is necessary but a light and sunny effect is desired. Note that canopy tent rentals in Toronto are only recommended for good weather conditions as they are not made to withstand extreme weather such as heavy rain or high winds. The most common type of canopy tent has no side walls because the weight can be a reason for the structure to sag. Sidewalls are also not recommended especially when there are possibilities of strong wind and bad weather. The tent is installed by staking it into the ground with a rope connected to the tent structure.

-        Frame tent. This is the most versatile among the other options as it can be installed either indoors or outdoors. The frame is usually made from aluminum and coated with thick vinyl. Frame tents are more convenient as there are no center poles and there are no possible obstructions during the event. During installation, the frame tent can be staked or weighed down to ensure that the structure is stable. Staking is most commonly used as it is more stable and more presentable.

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