The Perfect Tent Rentals in Toronto

The Perfect Tent Rentals in Toronto


Tent Rentals - Enjoy the Environment, Hold your Parties Outdoors

There are lots of outdoor activities in Toronto and aside from the main attractions; one thing you will notice is the presence of tents. Tent rentals in Toronto are popular because they can be used for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company events and new product launches. The demand for tent rentals is obviously growing because more and more people prefer to hold activities outdoors.

Tents for weddings

Outdoor weddings that are held in a beautiful garden setting is a dream of most couples. However, the happy occasion can be ruined by a sudden downpour. Unpredictable weather is why wedding planners always include tent rentals in the planning process. Aside from a large-sized tent that will be used for the wedding party, medium-sized tents are also available for catering. Some providers of tent rentals also offer tables and chairs for the ceremony area including table cloths and other accessories necessary for the momentous occasion. The great thing about tent rentals is the flexibility to customize the tent according to the wedding theme. Flowers can be arranged to complement other décor so that an elegant ambience can be created. Rather than opt for the usual scenario of holding wedding receptions in hotels in restaurants, tent rentals will allow your wedding to be unique and different from other weddings.

Tent for new product launches

When you are launching a new product, you should always expect a big crowd. Tents are very good options for a larger number of people because they will not feel cooped up in an enclosed space. Even if the tent is not sufficient enough for the number of attendees, people can spend time outdoors while waiting for their turn to checkout your product. There is more freedom of movement when you use tents because attendees are offered the opportunity to enjoy the environment. The traditional pole supported tent is convenient for product launchings because they are bigger and more stable than other types of tents. The fabric roof is tensioned over poles and attached to ropes and cables at designated spots along the fabric’s edges. Although there are now many designs to choose, the pole supported tent is still the best during heavy rains or strong winds.  Tent rentals in Toronto are a perfect opportunity to experience the outdoors but also be prepared for any unexpected Canadian weather. 

Tent for company events

Companies usually hold events in enclosed spaces. In most instances, they hold the event in private venues. Holding the event in the outdoors would be a welcome change for employees because it will allow them more freedom to enjoy the environment. It does happen that when events are held in enclosed venues, the natural reaction of employees is to roam outside and join group conversations. After being cooped up daily inside the workplace, employees will enjoy some sunlight and fresh air. Tables and chairs can be arranged inside a big tent so that employees will be comfortable while taking their lunch. The tent will also provide a convenient space for employees who prefer staying in the shade instead of being exposed to the heat of the sun. D&D Party Rentals is perfect if you need an all-in-one solution for your event venue!

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