The 5 Types of Party Tent Rentals in Toronto

The 5 Types of Party Tent Rentals in Toronto

Getting a party tent rental in Toronto is one great way to have an additional space for events like weddings, birthday parties, and other occasions. It’s also an excellent way to add a focal point to a certain event like special birthdays and other events.

Tent rentals also allow event planners and organizers to add creativity to some events. These tents come in different sizes and configurations and getting the right ones will certainly create a huge impact depending on the event. To give you an idea about these different types of tents available for party tent rentals, here are the five major types:

High Peaked to Pole Tents

  • High Peaked Framed Tents: These types of tents are available in three different widths: 10’, 15’ and 20’. These tents are designed to be freestanding construction virtually with no inner poles.
  • Traditional Frame Tents: Another common type of tent rental in Toronto is the traditional frame tent. They are also engineered to be used without any inner poles and they can be adjusted to a specific height. These traditional tents also allow users to integrate them with each other and set them up for prettier setup and configuration.
  • High Peaked Tension Tents: These type of tents feature a very striking and beautiful appearance that makes them a very popular choice for weddings and debut parties. Commonly used in backyards, they can make an ordinary looking environment look special.
  • Traditional Pole Tents: This is the most common type tent available in party tent rentals in Toronto. They are also the cheapest. They feature a quick and easy install feature that makes them very manageable. They are excellent for having additional space for an event and they also provide good shelter from the elements.
  • Clear Span Structures: This type of rental are both used for public and private occasions. They are designed to be free standing and they don’t require interior poles.


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