Tent Rental in Toronto

Tent rentals, especially tent rental in Toronto, is an up and coming industry, given the needs of Toronto's nightlife, special events, and even the high population. One good reason why many people resort to the use of a tent rental in Toronto is that it is long-lasting which adds up to its property of being economically advantageous.  They are products with unlimited uses, and can be used in casual gatherings such as a school fair, to higher end events as weddings and film festivals. Though each cotton tent is designed to perform specific functions, the texture and color of the material give it the ability to perform multiple functions.

When renting a tent for an event, they are designed to provide shelter and save you money instead of the additional high costs associated with renting a hall. It also helps the party organizers in implementing a fresh and open space conducive for socializing. Its tiny holes allow the flow of ventilation and provide a good view of the exterior area on the grounds the tent is located. The proper tent can enhance the surrounding environment, making for a more enjoyable occasion for everyone. 

There are 3 types of tents most commonly used for events:

Pole Tents

The pole tent is a classic style, designed with high center poles in which the canvas or material is draped and/or hooked over top of, sloping downwards to shorter, poles that designate the perimeter of the tent. They are held in places by ropes and stakes usually hammered or driven into the ground

Pop Up Canopies

Pop Up Canopies are easy to set up, portable, and can be taken down in short notice. they usually consist of four large poles with a frame hidden underneath the peaked center of the canopy itself.

Frame Tents 

These differ from pole tents as they are set up with a metal or aluminum framing underneath. They are free standing, so you do not have the ropes or stakes used in Pole Tents.

D and D Party Rental will surely fit the needs and specifications of its customers to find you the best tent rental in Toronto. Our tent rentals are multi-functional, reliable and affordable. Our staff and administration's long years of experience taught them impeccability, and product knowledge, making sure to know what materials were used and its durability. This is all necessary information to know to guide you in selecting the finest product that will suit your event best. Check us out for all your tent rental in Toronto needs!

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