Choose The Right Party Tent For Your Toronto Event

Choose The Right Party Tent For Your Toronto Event

 Deciding to throw an outdoor party in Toronto is easy as long as you know where to get your party tent rental in Toronto. Your event will be held inside the tent so it is important that you select the right type. There are two major considerations when choosing party tent rental in Toronto – there should be enough space for all the guests inside the tent and it should be within your budget. There are many party tent rental companies with professional staff like D&D Party Rentals. They can even provide you with décor for your party, chairs, tables and more. The company you choose is responsible in making sure that the tent is setup on time and securely. After the party, they are also in charge of tearing it down from the venue. Aside from tents, these companies offer other party essentials for rent which can make planning a breeze. There are many beautiful outdoor venues in the city of Toronto.

Before renting a tent, the location should be finalized and the area should be inspected – is the flooring concrete or grass? The type of tent to be rented depends on these two classifications:

-        If the venue is in a flat area covered with grass then pole tents are ideal.

-        For venues with concrete flooring or with limited space available, frame tents should be considered.

Frame tents need less space compared to pole tents since it does not require staking. For the pole tent, there should be at least five feet on every side in order for the tent to be staked properly. The type of event or party will also be a deciding factor. Pole tents have center poles which can be an obstruction in some events. For a wedding, a center pole may be in the way thus some people prefer frame tents.

Aside from the type of venue, the space could be a deal breaker when it comes to the tent. If you are planning on having a lot of guests but are determined to hold the party in a venue with a smaller space then using a frame tent would be better as it requires less space when setting up. If space is not a problem then the pole tent is the best option as it is more economical, faster and easier to set up and is more aesthetically pleasing.

Every party comes with a budget, if you have a large amount to work with then the frame tents will not be a problem. If the venue has a lot of space and you only have a limited budget set aside for the tent, then pole tents are more affordable compared frame tents. Talk with your party rental company regarding your concerns because they have a lot of experience and would be willing to help you decide. Consider and weigh all the pros and cons before deciding in order to ensure that the party will be a success.


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