My wedding is later this summer and I've booked D and D party rentals to supply the tent!This is great guys thanks All You Need to Know When Renting a Wedding Tent
All You Need to Know When Renting a Wedding Tent

All You Need to Know When Renting a Wedding Tent

 Not all weddings in Toronto will require renting a tent unless the chosen venue does not have any indoor accommodations to begin with. Wedding tent rental in Toronto is important if there is a big chance that the weather might not be as cooperative as you hope it to be. If this is the case, then it is essential that the tent should be included when booking your dream venue. There is no denying that wedding tent rental in Toronto might be on the expensive side. In order for you to enjoy your dream venue, the budget must include the price of the tent.

If you are just starting to plan the wedding then there is not much to go on with especially when the hosting style has not been determined yet but it does not mean that you can’t roughly estimate the square footage you will need for the party. It is considered a basic rule that the tent should be as square as possible. This ensures that the ceiling will be the tallest it can get. A square tent size will also make every guest in the area feel like they are included in the ceremony and after party.

Now that you have a rough estimate of the size thus an idea of how much the tent will cost, the next step is to figure out the type of tent that you prefer or need. There are a number of styles to choose from but there are two types that are more commonly used – pole tents and frame tents. When renting a wedding tent, there are three major factors that must be considered in order to narrow the choices – first is the space in the venue, second is the look of the tent and third is the budget.

Pole Tent Advantage and Disadvantages

First let us discuss the advantage and disadvantages of the pole tent. If you are looking for a beautiful effect then the pole tent is the best option for you as the roof has a swooping effect. Another plus is that pole tents are known to be more affordable. A frame is not necessary to cover the tent and there is no need for liners. Pole tents are also much easier and faster to setup. A few disadvantages include a center pole which can be quite an obstruction, staking is necessary in order to setup the tent and clearance is also needed to make sure there is enough space for the stakes as well as the anchor ropes.

Frame Tent

In the case of frame tents, it can be erected no matter the surface of the venue – be it rooftops or asphalt flooring. The tents can be setup side by side and there are a few configurations that can be done in order to make things a little more dramatic. Unlike the pole tents, the frame tents have no center pole. The disadvantages include being on the more expensive side, the frame can be seen inside thus the need for liners which can cost a lot and the setup time is much longer. 

My wedding is later this summer and I've booked D and D party rentals to supply the tent!
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This is great guys thanks
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