This is a fantastic option! A Touch of Elegance: Linen Rentals
A Touch of Elegance: Linen Rentals

A Touch of Elegance: Linen Rentals

 How to Choose Party Linen Colors when Renting

When planning a large event everything is important, even the smallest details like linen, cutlery and giveaway choice. The decoration is very important because it is the first thing that the guests will see upon arriving at the venue. When it comes to the decoration, planning cannot start if these two things are not decided first – the theme of the party and the color motif. It can be hard to make a decision but, it is best to choose a theme for the party and the colors will then follow suit. In case of luau themed parties, the colors that are usually incorporated are bright and vibrant ones such as orange and fuchsia pink. In the case of casino themed parties, the colors involved are red, white and black.

If you are having a party in Toronto but are not planning on any theme, then this article will help you decided on the color of the linen rentals. The most basic thing one should know when dealing with colors: there are warm, cool and neutral colors. Yellow, orange and red are considered as warm colors while violet, blue and green are cool colors. For the neutrals, brown, ivory, black and white are included. Colors are also classified into main colors and accent colors which are then matched accordingly in order to achieve the best combination.

For linen rentals in Toronto, the main colors are the ones used while the accent colors are used on other decorations placed on the table to give it an edge. If you are going for monochromatic colors then you should pick out one color and use different shades of it. This can be achieved by using a darker and lighter type of the same color. This is mostly used if one wants to minimize using different colors. For an analogous option, choose primary colors that are next to each other such as red and orange or blue and green.

Complimentary Colors

You can also play with complimentary colors – these are the ones that are opposite from each other in the color wheel. A good example is the color orange and the color opposite is turquoise which creates a great combination. If you are not the type to go mix and match with bright and statement colors then neutral colors are for you. The best thing about linen rentals in Toronto with neutral colors is that they go well with almost every color you like. If you are going for a subtle colored table then choose a light color for the accent to go along with a neutral color of your choice.

Other Essentials

To top the look of you table, linen is not the only thing to be considered but try to add on other décor accents such as chargers and napkins. The centerpiece should also go along with the linen color in order to create a complementing look that will appeal to your guests.




This is a fantastic option!
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