Great tips! 5 Tips For Your Next Backyard Reception
5 Tips For Your Next Backyard Reception

5 Tips For Your Next Backyard Reception

Are you getting ready to host a reception in your backyard? Whether you are a seasoned host or new to event planning, we have five helpful tips to ensure your gathering is a success.

Tent Rentals and More: Five Tips for Your Reception


Show and label amenities

The reception site in your backyard should be properly labelled, with all the necessary amenities being clearly indicated. Signs at the entrance to point out the direction of the washrooms, main reception area and the dance floor should be well labelled in a language your guests can easily read and understand. Are you thinking of setting up tents? There are various options available in Toronto for tent rentals. These experts can help you decide how to best set up the tents to ensure proper use and maximize space.


Create space for entertainment and fun

It is important to cater entertainment to suit your audience: this means offering a variety that will please both adults and children. This could mean having a skipping facility for the visiting children, as well as having a DJ service at bay for your adult guests.


Prepare the backyard

Hosting an event in your backyard is a cost effective way to celebrate your wedding, graduation or other event. As with any event however, it does involve a certain level of preparation. Part of this preparation may involve working with a company that specializes in tent rentals in Toronto – they will ensure your tents are arranged to accommodate the type of gathering you are having.


A dance floor

A dance floor is a popular choice for many hosts who have enough space to accommodate it – regardless of the occasion, it makes your reception that much more memorable!


Accessorize it

Tables, chairs and tents are found in almost any backyard reception or event. It is important to have an idea of the number of guests you are expecting so you can plan or place the order for quantity accordingly. To save you time, find a company offering tent rentals in Toronto as well as other equipment! D&D Party Rentals is proud to offer a variety of equipment for your event planning needs. Visit our website today to browse our full range of products!


Great tips!
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